ShareHolder Finder v0.9.3 is now released!!! Check Product Page for more details.


ShareHolder Finder Activation Procedure

ShareHolder Finder - Activation Procedure

  1. Download and Run ShareHolder Finder Software. Check Help for more details.
  2. Open Help -> Keys… menu as shown below.
    ShareHolder Finder Keys Menu
  3. The Keys window will be displayed as shown below.
    ShareHolder Finder Keys Window
  4. Copy Your PC’s Unique Key. Click COPY button to copy the key.

  5. Below steps are based on the location of the visitor.

  6. For Indian Visitors:
  7. 5a. Open Support Page and Click Pay button.
    5b. Enter your Name, Email ID and Phone Number. The amount to be paid is shown on this page.
    Important Note: Your Activation Key will be communicated to this email.
    5c. Click NEXT button.
    5d. Paste the key copied in Step - 4 to Your PC’s Unique Key field.
    5e. Confirm your agreement with the Payment Terms and Software License Terms. Please put Yes/ No. If other than “Yes”, an activation key will not be generated and your amount will be considered as support for our website.
    5f. Click NEXT and Complete the payment.
    5g. The Activation Key will be send to your e-mail within 0 – 24 Hrs.
    5h. After receiving your activation key, activate the software by following Step - 7.

  8. For International Visitors:
  9. 6a. Open Support Page and Click Pay Now button.
    6b. Check the payment amount and Click Continue button.
    6c. The PayPal payment page will be shown as below.
    PayPal Login Page
    6d. If you are a PayPal account holder, you can login and continue with the payment.
    6e. If you are not a PayPal account holder, Select “Pay with Debit or Credit Card” or similar option and continue with the payment.
    6f. After the payment, send a mail to with following details. Copy the contents and paste to your mail body. Then fill the details.

    1. Your PayPal Payment ID:
    2. Your PC’s Unique Key:
    3. Have You Read, Understand and Agree with the Payment Terms & Conditions and Software License Terms(Put Yes/ No): 
    6g. The Activation Key will be send to your e-mail within 0 – 24 Hrs.
    6h. After receiving your activation key, do the step 7.
  10. Copy activation key received through e-mail and Paste the activation key in Keys window.
    ShareHolder Finder Activation Key Paste
  11. Click Activate Button.
    ShareHolder Finder Activation
  12. Your Software is activated now and following message will be displayed for successful activation.
    ShareHolder Finder Successful Activation