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ShareHolder Finder - Help

ShareHolder Finder - Help

  1. Software Download and Initial Setup
  2. Application Details
  3. Output Report Details
  4. How to stop the search and exit the application while search in progress?
  5. A Note on False Positives from some AntiVirus and AntiSpyware Softwares
  6. Report Issues

1. Software Download and Initial Setup

The application will be launched as shown below. 
It displays the Software License Terms window, initially. Read through the license terms and Accept it to continue using the software.

Shareholder Finder Software License Terms Window

2. Application DetailsShareHolder Finder Application Screen

1. Shareholder Name(s) to Find

Enter the shareholder name(s) to find here. Multiple names can be entered line-by-line.
Morgan Stanley
Dolly Khanna
Life Insurance Corporation of India

2. Shareholding Search Scope

a. Category

Shareholding category can be selected here. The following three categories are available:

  • Public only
  • Promoter and Promoter Group only
  • Both (Public & Promoter and Promoter Group)

b. Quarter Ending

Quarter from June 2016 is available. New quarters will get added automatically and the default quarter is the latest one.

3. Company List to Search

The following three options are available for Company list to search:

a. Use Latest BhavCopy from BSE Website

The software can automatically get the latest BhavCopyfrom BSE website and collect the company list.
Note: BhavCopy is a list of traded securities on an Indian Exchange. It generates daily.

b. Select an input file

A Microsoft Excel file with company list can be selected here. The company list should be provided as shown below.
ShareHolder Finder Input Stock List Excel Format

There should be two columns for BSE Script Code and Script Name. There should be a header row with names SC CODE and SC Name.

Full list of Active securities as of 18thFeb17 can be downloaded from here and use. The latest data can be obtained from BSE website also.

c. Input Company List

User can directly input the company list. Input the BSE Script Code and Script Name separated with a comma.
500002,ABB LTD.

4. START Button

Click “START” button to start the analysis directly.

5. Exit Button

Click “Exit” button to exit the application.

3. Output Report Details

Output HTML Report will be auto-launched in the default web browser, immediately on clicking the “START” button.  The HTML Report is updated in run time and “Refresh” the web page to view the run time results.

A separate report file will be generated for each analysis and the file is stored in “Results” folder with naming format “ShareholderFinder_Results_YEAR_MONTH_DATE_HOUR_MINUTE_SECOND.html”.

A Sample HTML report is provide below:

ShareHolder Finder Output Report Format
A message box as shown below will be displayed on successful completion of the analysis.

ShareHolder Finder Search Completion Status

4. How to stop the search and exit the application while search in progress?

Right click system tray icon and select “Exit” option.

ShareHolder Finder Exit Tray Menu

A confirmation message will be displayed as shown below.

ShareHolder Finder Stop Confirmation Message

Select “Yes” to stop the operation and exit the application. Selecting “No” will resume the analysis.
Note: HTML report will not be auto closed on exiting the app. Please close it manually.

5. A Note on False Positives from some AntiVirus and AntiSpyware softwares

Some False Positive reports occasionally pop up in different antivirus products in conjunction with this software. This is partially due to the compression and portability techniques used and partially due to a failure of some antivirus companies to fully test their virus definition updates before sending them out to users.

If you encounter a false positive, you may add the executable to your antivirus exclusion list and try again. Alternatively, you may inform your Antivirus Company regarding this false positive and wait for them to update their virus definition.

If you need any specific details on this, please feel free to write to us @